How Video Surveillance Reduces Risks Post-COVID-19

Businesses all over the world had to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As time went on, the primary issue companies faced was how to reopen their businesses safely while fighting an invisible threat. Video surveillance has proven to be the answer to the questions posed about how to maintain operational efficiency while keeping employees and visitors safe.

How Video Manufacturers are Helping Businesses Do More with Less

For years now, video manufacturers have prepared for the worst-case scenario when building security cameras using cutting-edge technology to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Their goal has always been to maximize operational efficiency while mitigating the various risks businesses face. Now you can do more with less when you use video surveillance.

Manage Your Business with Remote Applications

Thankfully, because of video surveillance remote applications, business owners watched their companies from afar during the pandemic. Now, this technology can help reduce the risks that affect them today.

Cloud-based storage for surveillance footage allows you to share, review, and manage video footage from the security dashboard without going into work. Set up notifications so you’ll receive an alert on the security incidents you want to monitor and share targeted information with individuals or groups by text or email. You can also view live video feeds so you can video control operations no matter where you are.

AI adds an extra security layer by accurately detecting threats such as perimeter breaches, trip-zone and line crossing, and more. Intelligent video surveillance helps your business become more efficient as your security system gets smarter, the more data it processes.

As AI continues to help your video surveillance learn more, it begins to recognize patterns and routine activity.

Now video surveillance allows you to monitor and enforce social distancing guidelines as the coverage and quality of security cameras increases. It can also tell the difference between animals, people, or objects, so it reduces the number of false alarms saving time and costs associated with too many false alarms.

Smart video surveillance helps you manage your business no matter where you are, and it mitigates COVID-19 related risks. The more data these systems process, the smarter they get, thus streamlining business operations and protecting the health and safety of visitors and employees on your site.

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